Conflict zones

Conflict zones

According to the ICAO Council Resolution, adopted at its 210th Session, the International Civil Aviation Organization has strongly recommended to provide, on a voluntary basis, the State’s own public aeronautical information related to risks to civil aviation over or near conflict zones for submitting it to the ICAO library of links.

Currently, the following airspace prohibitions were set out in the airspace of Ukraine:

  • prohibited area UKP35 over temporary occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
  • prohibited area UKP36 in the east of Ukraine.


Conflict zones within Ukrainian airspace

 (Prohibited areas  UKP35 over temporary occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and UKP36 in the east of Ukraine)

ENR 5.1-4 AIP of Ukraine
Crimea455906N 0332834E – 460417N 0333519E – 460720N 0333529E – 460852N 0333735E – 461319N 0333627E – 461336N 0333837E – 461115N 0334355E – 461229N 0335009E – 460653N 0340116E – 460742N 0340501E – 460327N 0342130E – 455642N 0342906E – 460023N 0343520E – 455451N 0344339E – 455348N 0344825E – 454835N 0344754E – 454542N 0345837E – 453436N 0350758E – 452152N 0352154E – 451755N 0353208E – 452220N 0354340E – 452828N 0354954E – 452913N 0362102E – 452521N 0364057E – 452242N 0364100E – 451824N 0363524E – 451442N 0363642E – 451218N 0363200E – 450418N 0363418E – 445612N 0363636E – 445503N 0363641E – 445016N 0362010E – 444718N 0354859E – 444956N 0353623E – 443528N 0351125E – 443534N 0344504E – 442404N 0343143E – 441515N 0341545E – 441137N 0340025E – 441108N 0334313E – 441415N 0333039E – 442506N 0331012E – 443345N 0330510E – 443956N 0330615E – 444756N 0331440E – 445224N 0331519E – 450709N 0325240E – 450648N 0323919E – 450833N 0322242E – 451541N 0321253E – 452506N 0321103E – 453404N 0321521E – 454625N 0324133E – 455411N 0330738E – 455906N 0332834E


Donbas500503N 0374513E – 485500N 0361230E – 473846N 0353706E – 471448N 0354724E – 465400N 0354700E – 462230N 0361200E – 460809N 0370518E – 464700N 0373000E – 465900N 0382000E – 470642N 0381324E – then along state boundary until point – 500503N 0374513E
Prohibited area includes airspace over conflict zone and buffer width 120 km minimum around conflict zone Risk of interception for offenders H24

Focal point – Iryna Parkhomenko,

Safety oversight inspector of Air Navigation Department

of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine

+38 044 351 54 84