SAFER-U delivers support sessions on AOC conversion for Helicopters and Aeroplanes in Ukraine

In May, June and July, the SAFER-U project (Strengthening the Aviation Framework and European Regulations for Ukraine) delivered a set of workshops on Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) conversion for Helicopters and Aeroplanes to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) inspecting personnel.

Since the project commenced in 2019, the consortium has been working with Ukraine’s aviation regulator to adapt the National Air Operations and Flight Crew Licensing regulations to the EASA regulations. As the Authority has adopted the aviation rules for aircrew licensing and air operations, based on the EU Regulations 1178/2011 and 965/2012, the transition for these new regulations is set for the end of 2021. During this period, the SAAU will assess the conversion reports of the Helicopter and Aeroplane operators to grant the AOCs in compliance with the new regulations.

On the 13th of May, the project Key Short Term Experts Ángel Chacón and Fernando J. Bernal from the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) conducted the first workshop with the SAAU inspectors on AOC conversion for Helicopters. The first session was followed by two workshops delivered in June and one in July. The objective of these workshops was to provide guidance to SAAU inspectors on the conversion of Helicopter AOCs to the new standards.

Along with the workshops on AOC conversion for the Helicopters, the project Key Short Term Experts, Enrique Monzón and Jon Hontoria from AESA delivered four one-day sessions on AOC conversion for Aeroplanes. The objective of these sessions was to support the Authority’s efforts in achieving conversion of the current Airplane AOCs to comply with the new regulations.

These events welcomed 31 delegates in total. Delegates were split into virtual classrooms with extra safety measures in place to ensure a COVID-19 safe and secure learning environment.

“The conversion of AOCs to comply with the new set of regulations may require the SAAU inspectors to assess the changes implemented by the operators. With the support of experts, our consortium is committed to provide the Authority’s inspecting personnel with the tools to enable a smooth transition.”. Ismael Garcia Villodres, Key Expert for Flight Operations for SAFER-U, commented.



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