The Project

Project Objectives

The objective of SAFER-U project is to harmonise Ukraine’s aviation regulatory frame work and working practices with EU standards. The principles of the SAFER-U programme include:

  • Establishment of a solid legal ground for the effective implementation of EU aviation regulations.
  • Reinforcement of the Ukraine’s institutional oversight capacity in the areas of OPS and FCL.
  • Support for the cooperation with air operations and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Training of the SAAU regulatory staff on EU procedures.

Consortium members

The project is delivered by a consortium of three organisations:

  • The CAA International (consortium lead).
  • The Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency.
  • The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies.

Project benefits

For the Country

The reform of transport sector in Ukraine will provide a step towards a Common Aviation Area agreement.

For the Industry

The reform will support EU and Ukrainian registered airlines to operate direct flights between any airport in EU and Ukraine providing new opportunities for airlines.

For the Public

The reform will encourage job opportunities, growth, trade and connectivity.

For the Passangers

The reform will support increased competition that will benefit air passengers in Ukraine, providing better choice, value for money and consumer protection when they fly.

Project Timeline

Analysis of existing framework

Analysis of compliance of existing Aviation Rules of Ukraine (ARU) on OPS and FCL against standards and recommendations.

Upgrading the existing framework

Development of new/amended rules and procedures in accordance with EU standards.
Updating handbooks, checklist and guidance materials.

Competency development

A series of workshops, seminars and training sessions for SAAU staff and industry on the new upgraded regulatory framework, procedures and guidance material.

Oversight assessment

Assessment of the SAAU institutional capacity in the oversight of OPS and FCL. Establishment and implementation of an appropriate training programme.

On-the-job training

On-the-Job training for OP Sand FCL inspectors.


Includes SAFER-U project dedicated website, social media channels, brochures and regular newsletter to disseminate progress and results.


Delegation of the European Union
Address: 101 Volodymyrska Street,
01033 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380443908010
Fax: +380443908015
Team Leader in Ukraine:
Kakhi Kvatashidze,
Contract Manager:
Richard Dobson,,
+44 (0) 3301 382307
Communication Lead:
Stuart Coates,
+44 (0) 330 138 2226


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